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A selection of flags of the Cretan State

The illustrations below are intended to accompany an article, currently in preparation, on the selection of a flag of the Κρητική Πολιτεία.

Ottoman postcard of Crete with Ottoman flag. c 1897.

Bashi Bazouks departing Canea under Ottoman flag. 1897.

Insurgents 1897

Revolutionary flag of 1897. Iraklion Historical Museum. October 2018.

Flag of the Revolutionary Corps of Sitia, 1897. Iraklion Historical Museum. October 2018.

The flags of the Powers over Canea. The Graphic, 6th March 1897.

Coloured Postcard of the Powers’ flags over Canea. c.1897.

Sketch of Cretan flag proposed by Admirals. Noel papers, National Maritime Museum.

Flag of Kritiki Politeia, the Cretan State.

Prince George adresses crowds in Canea.

Arrival of Prince George in Candia (Iraklion) January 1899.

Cretan Flag. Iraklion Historical Museum, October 2018.

Coat of Arms of the Cretan State, Kritiki Politeia.

25 Drachma banknote, Kritiki Politeia.

5 Drachma coin, Kritiki Politeia

Princes George and Constantine of Greece reviewing parade in Canea. December 1902.

Theriso rebels with Greek flag,1905.

British troops guarding flagpole. Firka, Canea August 1909.

Suggested Cretan flag. 1897. ‘Melidoni’ Flag

Melidoni Flag c.1900

Insurgents surrendering arms. c 1898

Melidoni flag, date and place uinknown.

Star of Bethleham flag. Canea Archives. Photo courtesy of Zacarenia Simanderaki.

Alternative ‘Star of Bethleham’ flag.  Date and provenance unknown.

Gendarmes with ‘Star of Bethlehem’ flag.

The arrival of Prince George on Crete.

Prince George invitation card.

The palace of Prince George and the, incorrect, Cretan flag

Proposed new flag for Crete. “San Fransisco Call”, Volume 80, Number 75, 14 August 1896.