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The fall of the tower of Voukolies

The capture by Cretan Christian insurgents supported by Greek troops, of the watch towerat Voukolies, to the west of Canea, on the night of 6/7 February 1897, while giving the insurgents a needed boost to their morale, also demonstrated the relatiive ineffectiveness of any Eurropean military response to the insurrection. While the European Powers could, and did, by virtue of their naval forces, command the littoral, once out of the range of the naval guns, there was little that could be done to support Ottoman positions. This dilema was to occur again when, in 1897, British troops occupying Candia were forced to confine their operatioins to within six miles of the town.

The fall of the Tower of Voulokies. The Cretan version

The fall of the Tower of Voukolies.