An Azerbaijani take on Crete.

The matter of Crete in the late 1890s wasn’t just of interest to the immediate players on the island, to Greece, the Ottoman Empire and Western Europe; it was also of interest to those within, and on, the borders of Iran and Russia.

The cartoon below, “No need to get too hot”, was published in the Azerbaijani satirical magazine “Molla Naasreddin.” The cartoon shows Britain, Russia and, possibly, Italy, forcing the Ottoman Empire to take a shower by a sign saying, Krid Melelesi,  which appears to translate from Turkish into the phrase ‘The Matter of Crete’. The image is undated but the magazine was set up in 1906 so it presumably relates to events post that date.

'No need to get too hot.'

‘No need to get too hot.’

Further details of the magazine, which apparently took a similar approach to the politics and religion of the era and area as French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, can be found at;



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