Union Jack Triumphant…almost.

In a fit of jingoistic enthusiasm, on 24th September 1898 the Penny Illustrated Paper declared the triumph of the Union Jack on the Nile and in Candia.

Union Jack Triumphant!

Union Jack Triumphant!

The reference to the Nile and Fashoda might be justifiable. On 18th September 1898, lead by Sir Herbert Kitchener, a powerful British force of some 1500 men on board several heavily armed gunboats, arrived in Fashoda  Their arrival eventually obliged their allies in Crete, the French,  to remove their forces, all 150 of them, from Sudan.

However, in Candia things weren’t quite so straightforward; far from being triumphant, on 6th September the British suffered their only losses by enemy action that they incurred during the whole of the European Intervention in Crete.

Still, why let facts get in the way of a stirring bit of imperialist propaganda?


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