Italians to the rescue

Italian sailors and marines rescuing Cretan refugees.

Italian sailors rescuing Cretan refugees.

The translation of the title is: The events of Candia. Italian crews saved the Greek refugees.

The illustration depicts events in the very early stages of the European Intervention. It’s unclear from the picture whether the refugees in question are Cretan Muslims or Cretan Christians; both religious groups had members who sought to flee the island because of the  the atrocities committed by followers of the other religion. Even knowing that it’s Candia doesn’t help much; Cretan Christians were fleeing from the town which had an overwhelming Muslim majority at this time, and Cretan Muslims were fleeing from the countryside, which was controlled by Christian insurgents besieging the town.

However, the refugees are described as ‘Greek’ which could imply they are Cretan Christians; on the other hand, if viewed in conjunction with the illustration below, it’s still just as unclear.

Cretan Muslims boarding Italian ships in Suda Bay.

Cretan Muslims boarding Italian ships in Suda Bay.

These refugees are clearly identified as being from ‘Candanos’ and would have been Cretan Muslims rescued from Kandanos by an International force in March 1897.


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