The last journey

The funeral of a British soldier

The funeral of a British soldier

The undated photograph shows the funeral procession for a British soldier en-route to the cemetery in Candia. The presence of huts, rather than tents, on the fortifications behind the procession would suggest that the funeral took place sometime after 1898.

In a letter possibly referring to the funeral of Captain Arthur W. Hole, Army Service Corps who died on 24th August 1897, Colin Grieve, 1/Seaforth Highlanders, wrote to his sister from Candia on 12th September 1897:

“I am fed up looking on and doing nothing. As a [Hillant Man] said on guard the other day as a Captain’s funeral was passing by ‘Aye Man; that’s all they get for looking for ‘Maidals’ and Stars’ and he was about right.”… ‘”This expedition has cost us a lot of lives out of the British forces but it has cost about 3 times as much out of the other Powers troops. You may be all right one day and 105 next but a lot of men give in to it then others eat too much fruit and tinned fruit [?] brings it on.”

Source of quote: National Army Museum NAM 7906 – 139.


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