Inter-communal violence… good for chocolate sales.

Bashi-bazouks mutilating corpses. 7 March 1897.

Bashi-bazouks mutilating corpses. 7th March 1897.

Bashibazouks Akrotiri 1897 propaganda

Reverse of card.

Shown above are both sides of a trading card purporting to show Cretan Muslim Bashi – bazouks – irregular volunteers – mutilating the bodies of Cretan Christians in Canea in March 1897. The attacks on Cretan Christians which took place at the time, and subsequent the burning of a large part of the capital, Canea, were the incidents that lead to the beginning of the European Intervention on Crete; the landing of European sailors and marines.

Seemingly, in the late 1890s, graphic depictions of violence were deemed suitable for the selling of chocolate: The cards were issued by a French chocolate company; one originally founded by Trappist monks.

More rather violent chocolate cards, followed by some pretty birds, 1/3 down the page here.




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