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Bombarding the Cretans

On 21 February 1897, European warships opened fire on Cretan Christian insurgents camped at Halepa, Canea, who were threatening to open fire on the town. Although the bombardment didn’t last long and the Cretans withdrew, hauling down the, then illegal, Greek flag from the flagpole, the alleged actions of Spyros Kayales did generate their own mythology.
Needless to say, the European view of events was slightly different from the Cretan Christian view.

French & Russian warships Canea Soleil du Dimanche 21 Feb 1897

French and Russian warships off Canea.

Graphic 24 April 1897 Camperdown firing main armament

H.M.S. Camperdown firing main armament at insurgents.

bombardment 11 April 1897

Bombardment as viewed from British ships.

European warships in action.

European warships in action.

Bombardment of Canea

Bombardment of Canea


Halepa bombardment French view

French view of the results of the bombardment.