The Seaforths in Canea

Three different views of the arrival of 1/Seaforth Highlanders in Canea, 1897.

Crete 1897 Seaforths Canea arrival GraphicThe Seaforths arrived in Crete on 24 March 1897.

The name of the artist is indistinct. Of note is the presence in the foreground of at least one black Muslim (Cretan Christians would not wear a fez.) There was, at this time, an encampment of  black Sudanese and ex Ottoman slaves just outside Canea. The men looking for work as day labourers, the women begging. All of them apparently Crete within a short period after the evacuation of Ottoman troops in November 1898.

Canea 1897 Seaforth Highlanders This engraving from The Illustrated London News, is taken from a sketch by the British artist Melton Prior who was in Crete when the Seaforths arrived. According to notes in  the National Army Museum file on the Seaforths [NAM 6807], the officer on the right-hand side  is Captain G. G. A. Egerton, D Company 1/Seaforths. Egerton was in charge of the Seaforths detachment in Canea, the bulk of the battalion being stationed in Candia (Iraklion).

Crete April 1897 Seaforths entering CaneaA French take on a Seaforths’ patrol.


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