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Ottoman Soldiers in Canea.

greece-1903-turkey-crete-soldier-military-compagnie-turque-caserne-medjidie_350773371635Photograph taken prior to November 1898 when all Ottoman troops were ejected from the island following their failure to intervene in the massacre of 6th September in Candia (Iraklion) – 17 British troops and several hundred Cretan Christians were killed on that day.


2/Cameron Highlanders band

Cameron Highlanders Band

Cameron Highlanders Band

This battalion were Crete between May 1902 and March 1903. Starting in November 1898, the British Army put on a public band concert in Candia (Iraklion) Town Square every Wednesday between 3p.m. and 5p.m. Presumably to scare the natives into submission.

Gazie Fair

Market 1898As part of the process of trying to stop the Cretans killing each other the British organised a series of markets outside Candia (Iraklion). The first was attended by several hundred people but the only thing to buy was some oranges.

If this photo was taken in early 1898, the troops are probably 2/Royal Welsh Fusiliers…they were the only non kilted troops there at the time