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How British sailors passed the time in 1902

Bluejackets ashore.

Bluejackets ashore.

December 1902

British sailors putting on a display for two Princes… who don’t seem that impressed.

The event took place on what is now the site of the British and Commonwealth War Cemetery at Suda Bay…at that time it was a golf course built by the British (Scottish?) troops.


…the Captains and the Kings depart

Final lowering of the Ottoman flag in Irapetra.

Final lowering of the Ottoman flag in Irapetra.

Probably taken about 1st November 1898; the Cretan calendar was 12 days behind the European one inĀ  that year.Lowering the British flag in Candia  July 190913 July 1909 and the British finally pull out of Crete…defence cuts forced the withdrawal when the British troops were down to their last flag. Troops shown are 2nd Battalion, The Devonshire Regiment.

British camp in Candia (now Iraklion)

Camp of the Second Battalion The Sussex Regiment, Candia.

Camp of the Second Battalion The Sussex Regiment, Candia 1905-1907.

Assuming the map contained in FO78/5044 (23) in the National Archive is correct, this is in the ditch just south of the Canea Gate Road.

English campThis would appear to be the most southern part of the ramparts.English camp CandiaThe north western extremity of the ramparts

International Review, 1897

International Review 1897

International Review 1897

The date of the Review is not stated, but presumably it’s the parade of 15th April 1897. The kilted troops in the foreground are Seaforth Highlanders. The nationality of the man on the bicycle is unknown but comparison with this might suggest he’s Italian.